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The Mix Tape Stories

every song has a story waiting to be told...

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Every song has a story.

It could be a different story to you than another person, and both versions could be completely different from the songwriter's story. But they're your stories, and they lie hidden in the lyrics, the tone, and the memories locked behind old familiar songs.

In this community, you will use the "Current Music" feature to list a song. Then you will use that song as a prompt to your own story. What does this song remind you of, every time? Tell us. Or you can envision an entirely different characterization of the meaning. Imagine a new movie scene this song would perfectly accompany. Feel a poem form within the arrangement of the music. Make up the most ridiculous story. It's up to you.

That's what the Mix Tape Stories are all about. It is you, creating, co-creating with the musician. It is to lock yourself in a trance and to not come out until the song is over and your story is told.

1) Choose a song. You must use the "Current Music" feature to name the song and the artist that inspired your mix tape story.
2) It is highly recommended that you post the lyrics to your song -- but please use the lj-cut tags if you do.
3) Sometimes the songs of the memories have nothing to do with the lyrics -- in that case, it's not required to post them. But it's a good idea to reveal whether the mix tape story was inspired by the lyrics, the sound of the music, or your memories. Just so we, the readers, know.
4) Usually posts like this warrant a few good paragraphs, but don't limit yourself if you really feel the need to write it all out.

Rules will be added as the community grows bigger.